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TK Seeks Renewal of Non-Homestead Millage

On May 7, voters in the TK School District will vote on a renewal of the non-homestead operating millage. This request does not affect a primary residence and will not raise a primary residence tax rate. Find out more about the non-homestead millage request and what it means to all voters by clicking here.

Broadband Internet Survey

To potentially help increase internet access for all of our students and families, please take this State of Michigan Broadband Mapping Challenge by April 23. This challenge can help secure federal funding to expand quality internet services throughout our area.



Thornapple Kellogg Early Childhood Center
Welcome to the Early Childhood Center!
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Thornapple Kellogg Early Childhood Center. Our beautiful facility was dedicated and opened in 2022. Our staff strive to provide safe and caring environments for all our students that stimulate and challenge their growth and provide a solid foundation for future learning. We believe young children are active learners who learn best through playful experiences that promote curiosity and understanding of the world around them. We recognize all children are unique in their strengths, interests, needs and learning styles, and we will work closely with families to plan and provide rich, meaningful experiences for children. Each of our classrooms implement a curriculum designed to provide age-appropriate learning experiences filled with engaging activities addressing social, emotional, cognitive, creative and physical strengths and needs of our young students. Thank you for choosing us for your child’s first step in their educational journey during their preschool years here at Thornapple Kellogg Schools.