DonorsChoose Effort Reaps Rewards

“We didn’t have the space in the old facility, but here we have a full gym and plenty of space for them to move around,” said Orr.

The ECC opened this year housing preschool programs and after-school daycare options. Orr said she wanted play materials for students to use in the gym where they could work on improving their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Her $1,000 campaign on DonorsChoose was successful. The ECC purchased hula hoops, soft footballs and soccer balls, scooter boards, a large parachute for the classes, streamers, scoopers, steppers, bouncy yoga balls, yoga mats, and mini trampolines.

“The kids love them all so much. They really love the scooters,” said Orr.

Orr said she’s had success with DonorsChoose in previous requests and so she thought she would give it a try again this year. “I just chose a bunch of different things for the kids to use. We have a good variety now of things for them to use during indoor recess to get them active and moving.”

Orr said she was thrilled with the response from all the donors. “I just want to say thank you so much. We are all very excited and use all these new things. This is such an important time for them. Playtime benefits them socially, emotionally and encourages them to play together. Thank you to everyone who donated to help.”